Thursday, 11 December 2014


My classes have finished, all the finishing projects have been delivered and even some new kits and special orders have been prepared for those optimistic people who hope they will have some stitching time over the holidays!

However I find it a wonderful time to try and catch up. 
The Spring Class programme is available, including two new courses - a two day Jacobean embroidery class and a Lettering class.  The  Lettering class is a repeat as it was such fun with everyone planning and working their own ideas.
Plans for the 2015 Italian trip are almost sorted, it will be June.  Like before the total cost will include everything except the travel to the closest Italian airport.  This means that people can join us from their own area and possibly add on side trips.  A stop over in London is good as is adding on Rome, Florence or the island of Sicily.  Do ask me if you need suggestions!

I am also finishing up some new designs;  I had the poche vide finished - a poche vide is an elegant name for a small tray where gentlemen can overnight their keys or change OR a lady
can lay her jewellery!    Am so in love with the bands of design I plan to do a boxed cushion will a central panel so more of the bands can be seen.

A talented quilter, Linda Seward, has her group, London Quilters exhibition at the Swiss Cottage Library, till the 4th January to celebrate her new book 'The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting'.  Judging by their previous shows it should be most interesting

My husband's vide posh / his Christmas present.
Anna Pearson

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Annual needlepoint retreat in Italy

We have recently returned from or seventh trip to this idilic family run hotel in the very south of Italy.  Over the years we have visited various places in Spain and other locations in Italy but this has proved to be perfect for all the ladies who love to stitch in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

People come from all over, America, Belgium and of course from here in England;  everything is included in the published cost except the travel to the nearest Italian airport;  this enables people to arrange their own travel and even extend the trip to include such destinations as Rome, Florence or the island of Sicily.

We go either end of May/ early June or early September to take advantage of 10 days rather than the 7 days usual in high season. So far the weather has been perfect, sitting out during the days and cool in the evenings.  Next year, 2015 the plan at present is to go the earlier time - should you wish to have more information I should be delighted to send it to you.

As to the stitching, some years we have had a theme:  elephants were popular, garden scenes and panels for clutch bags likewise.  A theme means everyone can choose an individual design, complicated, fine or less fine canvas, final size - a cushion or a wall hanging!  Working within a theme creates lots of suggestions, and lively discussion!   This year we all had existing designs that we wanted to work on

This part of Italy, Calabria is beautiful and relatively unspoilt,  wonderful views of the sea and amazing sunsets over Stromboli the volcanic island between the heel of Italy and Sicily.  We always have at least one day to explore an interesting town or important museum, plus of course lunch.  This year we took a boat trip to visit STromoli and see the evuptions after dark;  we have often talked about taking this trip but until now other venues had proved more popular - I can quite see that that will change - we all agreed it was the 'best yet'!