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A week in the country

I have had the most wonderful, exciting and action packed year with the 45 anniversary of my needlepoint design and teaching and just at the beginning of the month my 80 birthday!

The anniversary was so special in many ways, first with an extensive exhibition of work, needlepoint done by some very talented students, an opportunity to be inspired by ingenious adaptions of standard designs into upholstered pieces as well as a preview of all the new designs with their gorgeous threads and exciting stitchery
The other result was many, many people whom I had not seen for a very long time contacted me and some managed to attend the exhibition and assure us that they were still enjoying their stitching.This reconnection meant an enormous amount to me and I must thank every one of you who responded.
Another pleasure was our 9th visit to Calabria, way down in southern Italy and a first, a visit to a beautiful estate in Tuscany which was an equal success and both are planned again for 2017;Tuscan…

29 November

Tomorrow December – how the year has gone so incredibly fast.The 45 anniversary of my needlepoint with all the events and special trips to celebrate –especially the two stitching retreats in Italy; the ninth in Calabria and the first in Tuscany – both of these are to be repeated in 2017 and there are just two places left for Tuscany – Calabria is full.

The truly lovely aspect of the anniversary was that I was able to reconnect with so many people that I had met and to hear that in almost every case they were still enjoying their needlepoint! However, my excuse for not blogging recently is that I have been finishing a pair of Rhino and Elephant canvases.I have illustrated the Rhino in a previous blog but here shown as a pair is fun.You may remember that the animals are painted and then all the borders are diagrammed for the stitcher to select their own threads and colour schemes.

Deciding on my next project is always difficult so I am apt to fill in with something simple, a spec case or, …

Summer 2016

On my return from stitching with the group in Italy I was excited about writing to you all with details of what has proved to be a busy but lovely summer. However another adventure happened just last week which I thought you might like to hear about!

Robert and I took a short break to Bermuda (we have both be travelling in different directions most of the summer so a holiday together was a great idea.However, unbeknown to us (and it would appear too many others) there was a tropic storm following in the path of Hurricane Matthew which we knew was not going to approach Bermuda. The tropical storm didn’t seem to know which course to take and in the meantime grew in strength. By the time it was directly over Bermuda it had reached Hurricane Force 4.(There have only been seven Hurricanes of this force since records began in the mid 18 hundreds!)

We arrived just two days before it hit; so the beginning of or stay was involved with giving us all clear instructions as to what to do.Our hotel c…

Italy another great trip..

Every time I promise myself to write a blog at least every 2 to 3 weeks and this time is no exception.

I truly longed to share both the photographs and lovely stories about our Italian retreat with you but on my return things caught up with me.

First I had my second eye operated on for a cataract (great success thank goodness, I can see much better) then there was the Autumn class programme to plan (now available with a generous discount for multiple bookings and payment before the end of August) – let me know if you would like a copy.
But the project that I have been spending a deal of time on is the planning and stitching of the gorgeous piece for the project on our first trip to Tuscany at the end of September. I have shown it before in my last blog. However, as promised, news of this year’s trip to Calabria.We were 10, two from Belgium, 2 girls joining us for the first time and 5 others who have been often before.While even the journey out is an adventure, early start from London and …

Open Day Review!

Well we did have the special celebration needlepoint exhibition here last week and many thanks to those of you who came but a extra special thanks to those who lent me their beautiful pieces.

My aim for holding the event – besides of course catching up with students past and present – was to display some of the most exciting uses that my needlepoint designs have been put to.Many people chose a cushion for their first ‘proper’ project but after a while they become over-cushioned and are keen to stitch something else but for it to still have a practical purpose.
To make the show as self-explanatory as possible there were areas linking to various aspects.
One was some of the pieces worked during our annual trips to Italy;we have often had a ‘theme’,Themes give people a starting point but not a fixed project that has be followed slavishly.Thus there were two lovey Elephant pieces, Lilly on midnight blue canvas and another worked in ‘carnival colours’ both exciting but so, so different. Anothe…

Help us Celebrate 45 years of Needlepoint (June 1)

On 1st June there will be an exhibition of needlepoint, new designs, old favourites, custom designs and interesting making up.Do join us; full details

In this year of celebrating 45 years needlepoint it got me to thinking just how much had changed little since the time in the 70s when I started the first classes in a rented location in Victoria! Right from the start there were certain aims to try and adhere to; First people enjoy the class situation, having friendly help with their stitching, meeting like-minded people and seeing and trying out accessories.Here in Spain (one of our earliest trips) we enjoyed delicious meals too! Students attending class or ordering by post (now from our web sites) appreciate being able to have a design in different colourways or even order it without threads so they can create their very own scheme.

WE have never designed an item without knowing a reliable professional to finish the piece.The student has put their precious time in…

Happy Easter to you all!

A very happy Easter to everyone;here is my Cupcake stand,a design hopefully will inspire you both to stitch and cook!It is a design that can be ordered but do look at my new web site for my cushion designs.

I had hoped to tell you about the plans I have for the next few months however I have just returned from a few days in Aix en Provence where we visited museums, homes and studios of Van Gogh,Cezanne and Chagall.A beautifully organised trip until our planned return on Sunday evening when the French Air Control decided to go on a 48 hour strike!Thank goodness our tour operator organised trains and other transport from Nice, through Paris back to London BUT 24 hours later than expected – I feel I lost a day and struggling to catch up.

However on the 1st of June  I will be holding an open day in London to Celebrate my 45th year of needlepoint.  For full details please contact me.

This weekend we have all the family including my daughter from France and we…


Needlepoint, canvas work is, in my opinion, one if not the best pastime that can be enjoyed alone or in groups however we all need inspiration, information and to be excited by new ideas.
On 1st June we are holding a celebration open day here at the studio in Primrose Hill.A celebration of 45 years needlepoint teaching, design and writing.The display we are planning will inspire, inform and excite!
While cushions have always been the most popular for students I have always encouraged custom design for many other objects.Small items to large rugs, attractive items for presents, especially new-borns will be on display.Our policy is always to have a professional finisher for items before we even design them!

Making up for all needlework is important and there will be many examples of beautiful finishing - I know that profession finishing adds immeasurably to the time and love put into stitching the piece. The exhibition will also have a selection of our own favourite accessories for sale alo…

45 Years of Needlepoint

45 years, I can hardly believe it myself but it all started with a large stool which I worked in Florentine while my youngest daughter, Tamara was in play group – she is now got 3 children of her own with Victoria the eldest just 21!

Right from the start I wanted people to learn different stitches incorporated into a pleasing design that would fit in their home as well as being fun to work.Our first design Annette (we hoped to go though the alphabet and have done many times) but had difficulty with some letters, X and Z – Zuleika, not easy even if you adore Max Beerbohn!Annette is still available and a popular design,Interestingly the design I am working on at present is also an A, Aleppo.
From our design lists you will notice that girl’s names are widely used, frequently stitcher’s names many of whom are still enthusiastic but also names of places and historical techniques.
I simply love to travel and indeed have been extremely lucky with trips either with a husband who worked (leaving…