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Working in a Creative Room

‘It is how you feel about your home rather than the way it looks’ an interesting comment read recently – when I got to think about it, it makes a great deal of sense.It is the personal things, the items you have collected on holidays or trips to the country or treasures handed down from your family - and of course things like your needlepoint either made by you or your children or friends given as special gifts.
Certain colours in rooms give me a thrill, in a previous home we inherited a deep blue bath (having always said there was only one colour for vanity wear – white) it was tempting to replace it but I decided to work with it, so pleased I did, teaming it with Moroccan tiles and this painting.
Our present bedroom is shades of soft blue, the reason for many of my needlepoint designs being shades of the same colour.Calm, peaceful but full of stitching memories that give me pleasure every time I go in.Besides two of my recent designs, the Cathedral Tiles and Tudor and the third one wi…

Introduction to Needlepoint and the equipment you need.

First of all, what is needlepoint?It is counted thread embroidery mostly covering the ground material – even weave canvas.However my web site shows many different lacy designs and incorporating different coloured canvases into the design. Sometimes it is called tapestry erroneously but that is a different story!

There are three main types of needlepoint, Tent stitch from charts or on printed or hand-painted canvases; Florentine/Bargello traditional upright stitches worked in curves and spires and Stitchery on geometric designs and for adding interest to painted canvases.
This blog covers equipment for all types of needlepoint that I have found useful though the years.
One of the most attractive aspects of learning needlepoint right from the start is the fact that initially very little equipment is needed to get one going in the right direction.
Later on as you become more hooked, possibly see fellow stitches either at class or in ‘stitch and bitch’ groups with equipment they love you can …

Master Classes Blog

With my confined status due to my ankle fracture I am fortunate in having my needlepoint stitching, my finished pieces and an extensive out of print book collection around me. Time to reflect on all this and my many years of stitching has introduced a new series of one day classes Master Classes, each in a particular needlepoint technique.

The idea for each day is to study the technique, Florentine, Basketweave Tent and Backgrounds, Patterned Darning etc with some historical background, making a personal stitched sampler and learning many tips and special techniques associated with that form of needlepoint.
The days so far offered are available at the end  of the blog.
Basketweave & Backgrounds.
I know everyone thinks they ‘know’ Basket weave Tent but there are many tips to help you get the best possible smooth and hard-wearing results.Also, how to avoid kits that only allow for Half Cross that won’t wear satisfactorily.
Backgrounds can be solid, covering the canvas with interesting t…

Interim Blog

April is here and on my last blog I promise to post regular articles each month however, unfortunately I have had an accident – broken my ankle rather badly and have no weight bearing on that leg at all for 6 weeks   You can imagine my life is quite restricted but learning to hop around on a frame – not that easy at my age – and being advised to rest as much as possible I am taking their advice.
I had planned for the next Blog to be a record of the equipment that I found personally, was useful for my stitching and gave me pleasure.  In fact, I have written the copy but have to wait for a photo session illustrating the items talked about – they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and anyway it is always good to see what one is talking about! So that will follow as soon as I can get around.
I have an appointment at the hospital this Thursday when I hope my heavy caste will be replaced with a lighter one and I should know more about future plans. Needless to say, my every moment…

New Year, New Projects

With Christmas and all the family festivities and then my being away – fortunately in the sun – I am afraid a blog hasn’t been written recently; however being away from the computer (at least some of the time and the Wi-Fi wasn’t too dependable) I was able to revisit some of the things that happened last year and to plan detail for the next few months.
Last year my excitement with coloured canvas, lacy stitches to make full use of both elements and shadow stitching showing a painted design grew.On the trip I managed to finish ‘Basket Weavers of Road Town’I have mentioned this piece before, inspired by a painting by Jill Tattersall who went out to Tortola in the BVIs in the 60s with her family;some years later she painted a series recalling the early days.
In Tuscany the group project was the house logo, a pair of pheasants under an olive tree worked with silks and metallic and in Calabria where everyone is able to choose their design I worked a flight of Butterflies.This painted canva…