Christmas Traditions

Each family has its own traditions linked to the festive season and even more so the many countries around the World. Australian, New Zealand and South America are enjoying high summer; in the Northern hemisphere it is winter and often dark and icy nights.

Some countries celebrate Christmas Eve with a festive dinner and the opening of presents at midnight; others go to their church at midnight and keep the presents and the big meal till Christmas Day itself.  In the UK the preferred meal for a big family is Turkey with roast potatoes and sprouts followed by Christmas pudding with brandy butter or cream. Other countries enjoy oysters (France) or Carp (Germany).

Houses are decorated, children make garlands, a Tree is popul Having been on the East Coast immediately before Christmas it is fun to take a ride around the areas to see the amazing displays erected.
ar in many countries and in particular Americans decorate their garden and outside of their house lavishly.
Needlepoint items are loved and lovingly kept from year to year; children have their own stocking (frequently stitched by Grandma) to put out for Santa to fill; tree skirts are a truly mega undertaking, a circular design that sits beneath the branches of the tree to pile up the gaily wrapped presents.  I am sure there are many more projects that are family heirlooms and that come out with excitement every year.

Personally I love getting the boxes of tree ornaments out, sorting out the lights and assembling garlands for the fireplace and door/arch ways. Over the years I have tried to find an ornament in a place visited during the year; I remember an early visit to the States and succumbing to their pop-up Christmas shops – not known here in England till later – I also have memories of Woodlawn Plantation and the decorations throughout the house, installed by Christopher Radko with his glass tree ornaments.

So it was with joy I helped my daughter in law last Christmas decorate their tree.  Her family were originally Danish and then in the late 19C started a company in the Far East, first in Macao and then in Hong Kong. There were collections of tree ornaments from each of the family branches, each more charming that the last. The only sadness was that there was little information as to when and where each of the collections had originated from.


  1. What is the beautiful needlepoint design that you have pictured?

  2. All I can say is that it's something I did and never took it took kit level to be available to everybody but if there's enough interest maybe I could. In the meantime here is a link to my shop with my current designs many of which can be bought with or without threads


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