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Stitching in Lockdown

How life has changed for us all!  We were lucky enough to spend the first weeks in the BVIs and only kneelers for my granddaughter's wedding in May (sadly now postponed till September if then) but while stitching I find great opportunities for daydreaming about future projects; with the sun, boats and relaxed lifestyle I found an illustration of a friendly gecko that would make a perfect panel for one of my clutch purses - furthermore I dreamt of making my own shoulder strap for the purse with 'shell' beads from the Internet;  a project now on hold but not forgotten!
Returned to the UK in early March just at the beginning of the virus hitting the UK. For the duration of our trip I had been working consensually on a pair of wedding kneelers.

Instead, talking with my students on my return,all in isolation but thankfully able to talk on thetelephone, Zoom and email, what they reallyneeded was designs that required little counting, were quite small and ideally using up their …