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Open Day Review!

Well we did have the special celebration needlepoint exhibition here last week and many thanks to those of you who came but a extra special thanks to those who lent me their beautiful pieces.

My aim for holding the event – besides of course catching up with students past and present – was to display some of the most exciting uses that my needlepoint designs have been put to.Many people chose a cushion for their first ‘proper’ project but after a while they become over-cushioned and are keen to stitch something else but for it to still have a practical purpose.
To make the show as self-explanatory as possible there were areas linking to various aspects.
One was some of the pieces worked during our annual trips to Italy;we have often had a ‘theme’,Themes give people a starting point but not a fixed project that has be followed slavishly.Thus there were two lovey Elephant pieces, Lilly on midnight blue canvas and another worked in ‘carnival colours’ both exciting but so, so different. Anothe…