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While the days are getting longer, evenings lighter and the Government giving us a list of possible dates for easing our isolation and mixing with friends and relations I fear we still have some way to go.
  A friend said that we shall have to ‘relearn normal’ I wonder how long that will take?  Not just a single visit to the hairdresser though I am sure that will help a great deal!

Every order, every email and every telephone call, your interest and kind words encourage me to suggest and design needlepoint projects that I hope will appeal to you in this difficult time. The February zoom joined by many of you ‘making up and finishing needlepoint’ demonstrated just what a wonderful range of beautiful (and useful) items could be made.

In my last Blog we talked about colour and how, we all have shown a strong preference for happy, cheerful shades and on the other hands' designs that can be purchased without threads so as to use one’s own left-over stash. 

One of the saddest thoughts I shall be taking forward is the many, many events to have taken place on a much-reduced scale or postponed and postponed yet again.  Personally, my husband has had two new great-grandchildren, a grandson graduating from university; my eldest son had a ‘big’ birthday at the end of February and while we had a family Zoom it’s nothing like being together; I have had a granddaughter married and recently moving house, a granddaughter progressing from school to college (without the usual prom and farewells) besides other events important to close friends when the numbers had to be seriously reduced.   So the idea of stitching a late present occurred to me.

I should like to share some of the ideas I’ve had but I should love to hear of yours too. One important factor to remember is never to start a project without knowing someone good to make it up; recently a student told me of the best advice she ever received ‘ always discuss a new design with a trusted maker up before taking even the first stitch in the canvas’

The great-grandchildren, Joel and Esme were born in the summer and while we are still unable to see either of them a small cushion would be lovely; we have designs with their initial, a colourful border, and two Teddy Bears, a ‘boy’ blues and a ‘girl’ pinks with space for the baby’s name. Both designs are on 14 mesh canvas and worked mainly in wool – good for cuddles! Teddy Bear for Girl, also available in blues for a boy;  Emily and Eden

The graduating son read music and has now moved to a flat to attend the Royal College of Music for further studies; an I-Pad cover or a small cushion leap to mind should I have time.

My son loves sailing and already they have a panel with nautical flags spelling out their name, a good idea if not already done, will have to think of something else.  A tray with their boat might be possible like the Mill we used to have.

I had already started a pair of wedding kneelers for Victoria, my granddaughter and her husband so, finished they were used at their very small ceremony last September (they are now cushions) however a little present for their new home would, I hope, be appreciated. 
I am toying with the idea of a ‘new home’ sampler.  I have the address and a photo of the exterior (haven’t been allowed inside yet) so, with a V&J monogram and a terraced row of houses as a border, I hope it will work and give them pleasure.    

Gina leaving school with no traditional celebrations still lives at home so a pretty cushion – there is a n
ew one with a thread ‘Apple blossom’ – I see Gina a pink and green girl so after checking her bedroom’s scheme that would be a good choice or a tote bag to carry her college belongings might be more useful.Scallops, new design available in 3 colourways.

Another friend worked a tote bag for a granddaughter, however, the problem is the other granddaughters want one too. Alternately ‘Love ‘– a kit might fit the bill for any event

Do these examples give you ideas?  Events that would normally be celebrated, new babies visited and admired, wedding ceremonies with close friends all around; transfer from school to college with all the popular prom parties and special dresses or moving to a new home with friends helping, visiting and admiring; doing all these things are so much more special if friends and relations can help and be involved.  

I should love to hear from you and do remember that at the end of this horrible period I hope to have an exhibition of needlepoint done during the period so do please send me photos or descriptions of your work so it can be included.


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