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April is here and on my last blog I promise to post regular articles each month however, unfortunately I have had an accident – broken my ankle rather badly and have no weight bearing on that leg at all for 6 weeks   You can imagine my life is quite restricted but learning to hop around on a frame – not that easy at my age – and being advised to rest as much as possible I am taking their advice.

I had planned for the next Blog to be a record of the equipment that I found personally, was useful for my stitching and gave me pleasure.  In fact, I have written the copy but have to wait for a photo session illustrating the items talked about – they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and anyway it is always good to see what one is talking about! So that will follow as soon as I can get around.

I have an appointment at the hospital this Thursday when I hope my heavy caste will be replaced with a lighter one and I should know more about future plans. Needless to say, my every moment has been working out a realistic programme for what is already planned both here and for the trip to Italy at the end of the month. With the greatest disappointment, I am not able to go to the Tuscan trip, a flight with a caste is not allowed.  It was to be our fourth visit, the place is gorgeous and the owner Gillie a delighted and gifted cook.   Fortunately, the girls have decided to go without me, some of them have been before and they all know each other well. They will be able to sit in the sun to stitch and go on all the interesting trips we had planned.

All the classes here (see both the Spring programme and the Master Classes dates I sent out before the accident are AFTER THE DATE when I should be back to normal and I am really keen to honour them. The day class on the 15thMay is already full and the three Master Classes – Florentine Master Class 16th May; Exciting Backgrounds 22nd May and Patterned Darning on the 27th June are all booking well so if you are interested – and free that day – please let me know as, always I shall keep the groups small as there will be lots of reference material to study as well as making personal records.

Finally, extra classes during the summer period worked well last year so I plan to repeat them.  You may remember that I suggested some dates and then waited to hear back whether any were possible for you – that class was then scheduled only when the interest was shown.  The dates offered are 29th May and the 3rd July –please let me know if you are interested.

The other disappointment I have is having – for once been organised – booked some visits and talks to the fabulous exhibitions this Spring, talks on Dior, Mary Quant and Van Gogh shan’t be able to go. I shall still hope to see the exhibitions later on but I do find these specific talks most helpful.

On a different tack we enjoy a series of Summer Lectures at our church, St Mary’s the Virgin at Primrose Hill in June and July.  This year the programme is particularly exciting with Andrew Marr (12th June) Daniel Rosenthal on the National Theatre (26th June) Spies, Dementia, Surgery at the Front Line and a Return of Nature  (on different evenings!) so a varied programme.  Do look at the list –on line booking is available – and let me know if you are coming.


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