We have had the first session of the two day Lettering Class, everyone enjoyed it.

Hard at Work
We started off exploring the many, many types of lettering that could be used on needlepoint with the help of a specially prepared work manual.  This gave examples of simple letters, script alphabets, monograms, nautical flags that represent individual letters, and many more.
Hard at Play
 Besides numerous alphabets there was examples of how each type could b put to create whole projects or simply add a personal touch to a piece.  A lively discussion ensued with many examples of my own work being handled and discussed
Gill Alphabet

Probably the areas that appealed most to the students were ‘Phrases’ , sayings like ‘You aren’t getting old just more valuable’ and one student brought in a great saying about gardens which will call out for a pretty floral border (to be worked on Day 2).  The Eric Gill script alphabet worked on a Tartan background which can be ordered and worked in other colours also proved popular; and the Rainbow letters which were originally created by my niece who does watercolours of children’s names.
Gina in Rainbow Letters


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