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45 Years of Needlepoint

45 years, I can hardly believe it myself but it all started with a large stool which I worked in Florentine while my youngest daughter, Tamara was in play group – she is now got 3 children of her own with Victoria the eldest just 21! 1st ever Design.. Right from the start I wanted people to learn different stitches incorporated into a pleasing design   that would fit in their home as well as being fun to work.    Our first design Annette (we hoped to go though the alphabet and have done many times) but had difficulty with some letters, X and Z – Zuleika, not easy even if you adore Max Beerbohn!    Annette is still available and a popular design,    Interestingly the design I am working on at present is also an A, Aleppo. From our design lists you will notice that girl’s names are widely used, frequently stitcher’s names many of whom are still enthusiastic but also names of places and historical techniques. Aleppo Newest Design.   I simply love to travel and indeed h