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29 November

Tomorrow December – how the year has gone so incredibly fast.   The 45 anniversary of my needlepoint with all the events and special trips to celebrate –especially the two stitching retreats in Italy; the ninth in Calabria and the first in Tuscany – both of these are to be repeated in 2017 and there are just two places left for Tuscany – Calabria is full. The truly lovely aspect of the anniversary was that I was able to reconnect with so many people that I had met and to hear that in almost every case they were still enjoying their needlepoint! On it's way to the Framer.. However, my excuse for not blogging recently is that I have been finishing a pair of Rhino and Elephant canvases.   I have illustrated the Rhino in a previous blog but here shown as a pair is fun.   You may remember that the animals are painted and then all the borders are diagrammed for the stitcher to select their own threads and colour schemes.    Deciding on my next project is always difficult