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Help us Celebrate 45 years of Needlepoint (June 1)

On 1 st June there will be an exhibition of needlepoint, new designs, old favourites, custom designs and interesting making up.   Do join us; full details In this year of celebrating 45 years needlepoint it got me to thinking just how much had changed little since the time in the 70s when I started the first classes in a rented location in Victoria! Right from the start there were certain aims to try and adhere to; First people enjoy the class situation, having friendly help with their stitching, meeting like-minded people and seeing and trying out accessories.    Here in Spain (one of our earliest trips) we enjoyed delicious meals too! Students attending class or ordering by post (now from our web sites) appreciate being able to have a design in different colourways or even order it without threads so they can create their very own scheme.     WE have never designed an item without knowing a reliable professional to finish the piece.   T