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December Blog

Our lives have changed dramatically and indeed continue to change almost daily. I have just read the November Blog I posted - while we had come to accept that the pandemic was going to last far longer than originally thought we didn't dream that second lockdown would be imposed and then back into areas of increased vigilance. As with all things, there have been some really interesting and worthwhile outcomes;  in the summer it was our little garden, being able to meet up with friends in the outdoors and even hold some small classes. Now in the Winter the rules are strict, meeting in homes or even private gardens are not allowed but we are all getting used to the new forms of communication and the telephone for friends who aren't confident with Zoom, FaceTime and the like. In the last Blog, I mentioned the first of the Needlepoint Forum planned;  each one had a general catch up followed by a particular theme - they were 'Christmas', 'Borders & Backgrounds' an