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Happy Easter to you all!

A very happy Easter to everyone;   here is my Cupcake stand,   a design hopefully   will inspire you both to stitch and cook!   It is a design that can be ordered but do look at my new web site for my cushion designs. Garden of Cazanne's Farther I  had hoped to tell you about the plans I have for the next few months however I have just returned from a few days in Aix en Provence where we visited museums, homes and studios of Van Gogh,   Cezanne and Chagall.   A beautifully organised trip until our planned return on Sunday evening when the French Air Control decided to go on a 48 hour strike!   Thank goodness our tour operator organised trains and other transport from Nice, through Paris back to London BUT 24 hours later than expected – I feel I lost a day and struggling to catch up. However on the 1st of June  I will be holding an open day in London to Celebrate my 45th year of needlepoint.  For full details please contact me. This


Needlepoint, canvas work is, in my opinion, one if not the best pastime that can be enjoyed alone or in groups however we all need inspiration, information and to be excited by new ideas. On 1 st June we are holding a celebration open day here at the studio in Primrose Hill.   A celebration of 45 years needlepoint teaching, design and writing.   The display we are planning will inspire, inform and excite!   While cushions have always been the most popular for students I have always encouraged custom design for many other objects.   Small items to large rugs, attractive items for presents, especially new-borns will be on display.    Our policy is always to have a professional finisher for items before we even design them! Making up for all needlework is important and there will be many examples of beautiful finishing - I know that profession finishing adds immeasurably to the time and love put into stitching the piece. The exhibition will also have a selection of our own f