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New Year, New Projects

With Christmas and all the family festivities and then my being away – fortunately in the sun – I am afraid a blog hasn’t been written recently; however being away from the computer (at least some of the time and the Wi-Fi wasn’t too dependable) I was able to revisit some of the things that happened last year and to plan detail for the next few months. Last year my excitement with coloured canvas, lacy stitches to make full use of both elements and shadow stitching showing a painted design grew.   On the trip I managed to finish ‘Basket Weavers of Road Town’    I have mentioned this piece before, inspired by a painting by Jill Tattersall who went out to Tortola in the BVIs in the 60s with her family;   some years later she painted a series recalling the early days. In Tuscany the group project was the house logo, a pair of pheasants under an olive tree worked with silks and metallic and in Calabria where everyone is able to choose their design I worked a flight of Butterfl