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Autumn is here.

Just back from our 11 th trip to Pirapora close to Tropea in Calabria southern   Italy   Robert and I had a great week in Puglia before driving across from the east coast to pick up my stitching friends on the west coast to arrive at Pirapora.   Crossing from Puglia, interesting villages, churches and trulli houses but very flat we appreciated just how dramatic and beautiful the Calabria countryside is.   After a very wet summer it was amazingly green – fortunately the weather changed as we arrived and we enjoyed warm sun and blue skies for our whole visit. On or trips to Tuscany , usually in April/May, we always have a design that everyone works, on this trip people are able to choose what they wish to stitch. Both work well, this year in Tuscany we all stitched the venue’s logo, a pair of pheasants under an olive tree;   in Calabria there was a wide range from a large wall hanging worked in silks on 18 mesh canvas to a hussif and all things in between.    Personally I worke