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Flowers in Needlework / Burn Incident

I know no-one who doesn’t love flowers, the colours the smell so little wonder, flowers have been a favourite subject with artists and embroiderers throughout the ages. My own Boots. Purchased in Turkey. In Elizabethan times, the English, well known for their love of gardening, have used flowers often in a naturalistic style than most other countries – vegetables and fruit   were almost as popular.   The larger pieces were often planned and sometimes worked by professional men but these too frequently hade flowers and foliage as part of the design. My favourite reference books The Needleworker’s Dictionary’   - Pamela Clabburn ‘The Embroiderer’s Flowers – Thomasina Beck. In Victorian times, with the increased leisure time among the middle classes, embroidery and watercolour painting   were practiced and flowers particularly popular.   Berlin wool work designs printed, hand coloured in the early days were worked with a special wool and sometimes beads –illustration.