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An exciting new look at needlepoint.

When searching for a title that both described a growing trend in needlepoint design and encouraged you to read it, ‘new’ was not perfect as ideas and techniques continue to grow and have always done so.   From my own designs you will see antique tiles, Tudor embroidery and Victorian Ladies journals have inspired me. My first designs that took the colour of the canvas as part of the design many years ago was a range, the Gazebo collection, stitches   worked in white and ecru on antique (brown) canvas, the individual stitches – including Skip Tent – allowing the deep shade of canvas to offset the design.    Nowadays the exciting range of coloured canvases would lend themselves beautifully to this simple idea – oh for the time to play. Next came two Patchwork designs, the canvas painted in a crazy patchwork of colours.   Each area has stitches, often old favourites in threads to compliment the painted area below.    Either the stitches had space in between rows, an element of th