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Planning for the Winter

Our clocks in the UK go back this weekend so the evenings will get darker a whole hour earlier. Spring forward, Fall back is the way I remember it. Recently we had Harvest Festival at Church with the lovely hymn ‘Come ye thankful people come, Raise the song of harvest home, All is safely gathered in Ere the winter storms begin.   Jews also have a similar festival Succoth also known as the Festival of Ingathering.’   Similarly I am planning on needlepoint projects for the long evenings and cold days when stitching rather than going out seems far more attractive.   My students are also planning, at a recent open day here many chose a new project for their winter stitching. Besides a design interesting colour schemes can be recorded so here is a bunch of dried flowers with a bunch of threads that would echo the shades well.  S o, I have already got a piece ‘Aleppo’ on the go;   I think I have already mentioned it inspired by an ornate ceiling in the Citadel in the city of

Inspiration from Travel

Rudolf Nureyev said that whenever he danced a role it told a story;   I am similar – all my designs have a story behind them. Some from the place where I got the inspiration and others from motifs or colour combinations that caught my eye. My collection of designs is inspired by the dedication and expertise of the craftsmen and women who originally made them often centuries ago. India Some of my favourites that come to mind are ‘India’ (available on both 14 and 18 mesh canvas);   it was on my very first holiday with my husband in northern India where I saw decorative stone grilles instead of windows to allow cool currents of air through – Robert was much perplexed at my request for a photo but delighted when he saw my needlepoint interpretation. Another favourite is 'The Tiles of St Mark’s';   again inspired by a lovely trip to Venice, a first for me .   The Cathedral’s interior is dazzling with walls and ceilings covered with gold ground mosaics but it was the i