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Loose Ends

A very Happy New year to every one; let’s hope that we all enjoy good health and success in 2018 Having just had a lovely family Christmas with my daughter in France (freezing and cold outside but log fires and warming food in) I have taken stock of projects, ideas and goals that have, for whatever reason not been done in 2017.     Not that I wasn’t stitching when even possible but there was no telephone, doorbell or email essential to respond to. A response we had from a recent article was from an American now living in London whose step-grandmother worked the most amazing three fold screen during the Second World War.    The theme was Alice in Wonderland and one can see from these illustrations the Mad Hatters’ Tea Party, Alice and the Queen with the Jam Tarts.    Fortunately the stitcher’s initials and the date 1944 are visible.   The lady was obviously a proficient stitcher as among the photographs I was also sent a French style Berger chair and a round cushion with flowers an