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Introduction to Needlepoint and the equipment you need.

First of all, what is needlepoint?   It is counted thread embroidery mostly covering the ground material – even weave canvas.   However my web site shows many different lacy designs and incorporating different coloured canvases into the design. Sometimes it is called tapestry erroneously but that is a different story! Girls Stitching in Tuscany There are three main types of needlepoint, Tent stitch from charts or on printed or hand-painted canvases; Florentine/Bargello traditional upright stitches worked in curves and spires and Stitchery on geometric designs and for adding interest to painted canvases. This blog covers equipment for all types of needlepoint that I have found useful though the years. One of the most attractive aspects of learning needlepoint right from the start is the fact that initially very little equipment is needed to get one going in the right direction. Later on as you become more hooked, possibly see fellow stitches either at class or in ‘stitc