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Needlepoint, your passport to a Magic Carpet

  It’s difficult to travel, impossible in some countries, many of us have a  fear of flying - come along with me on a magic carpet ride. For over more than 50 years I have always loved travelling to interesting destinations and seeing buildings, decorative architecture, exciting tiles or mosaic floors and, on my return, have used these memories as inspiration for my needlepoint designs.    Each design has a story, some beautiful and happy others less so.  In fact, in some cases, a terrible event has befallen the area shortly after we had left. However, as I stitch my mind wanders back – on my magic carpet – to the occasion, place and circumstances of when I first was intrigued by the scene.   However, one big regret is that I have not kept a ‘travel diary’ much to my dismay now, so while putting these memories together I have sometimes resorted to Wikipedia or Google for confirmation of some detail.    These sessions together have added to my knowledge and become part of my magic carp

March Blog

While the days are getting longer, evenings lighter and the Government giving us a list of possible dates for easing our isolation and mixing with friends and relations I fear we still have some way to go.   A friend said that we shall have to ‘relearn normal’ I wonder how long that will take?   Not just a single visit to the hairdresser though I am sure that will help a great deal! Every order, every email and every telephone call, your interest and kind words encourage me to suggest and design needlepoint projects that I hope will appeal to you in this difficult time. The February zoom joined by many of you ‘making up and finishing needlepoint’ demonstrated just what a wonderful range of beautiful (and useful) items could be made. In my last Blog we talked about colour and how, we all have shown a strong preference for happy, cheerful shades and on the other hands' designs that can be purchased without threads so as to use one’s own left-over stash.  One of the saddest thought

Hello Colour

Dear Everyone I've come to the conclusion that only bright, joyful colours can lift me from the winter gloom; as a result, I have designed a new canvas 'Custom Initial' in two vibrant schemes, Persian Fiesta and Oranges & Lemons both on 14 mesh canvas, crewel wools with a highlight of over-dyed cotton,  I hope just seeing them will lift your spirits as mine were while stitching them. There is a special introductory offer till the end of January of £59.00 plus free P&P within the UK;  after that, it will be £67.00. The best stretcher bar frame (if you don't have a suitable one) is the 14 inch one at £7.00 which if you let me know I shall be happy to include. 'Scallops' is, at last ready to order for you the more experienced stitcher;  the delay enabled me to add a third colourway, so 'Wedgewood Blue', 'Sage Green & Coral' and now 'Apple blossom Pink': again the introductory price, till the end of January is £49.00, normally £ 5