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Making my first YouTube

YouTube tutorials are wonderful, featuring a mass of things you had thought of and even lots one didn’t even think existed.   The beauty of being actually able to see the process rather than trying to work out with diagrams from a printed source is particularly good with a craft such as Needlepoint/Tapestry.    My daughter in fact learnt to knit from watching a number of tutorials, they encouraged her to try something for the first time and something, and I confess, her Mother had not taught her!     Having enjoyed my needlepoint for almost 50 years, first as a relaxation from full time interior decorator, then as a designer, author and in particular a teacher, I realised that showing students exactly how to stitch something was of considerable help.   So much so that more than 30 years ago I started ‘Needlepoint Network’ a group of trained people who taught my designs on class in their own area. Imogen and Anna Recently needing more help in the studio, particularly w