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Practical and Decorative Needlepoint

I love sayings and one by William Morris has always been one of my favourites ’Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. Another l saw and adapted was ‘Stitching makes a house into a home’ With the start of Autumn, leaves falling, the clock going back at the end of the month (at least in the UK) now is the time to think of needlepoint projects for the winter evenings. For many years I was a consultant decorator mainly working with private clients on their homes so I am very aware that your stitchery should enhance, add character and work best for you.    We all know that beautiful stitchery takes time and when done deserves the best possible making up. Before suggesting an idea I always research a reliable maker up;   Please do the same – I can and do have pieces returned from both the US and European countries but having a finisher that you can discuss ideas with is best. So to go back to William Morris’s quote I have listed (a