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Holilday stitching

The Open House I held last week was a great success:  for the first time ever we had an early evening session in addition to the mid day one.  It enabled some working girls to come and see the designs and how different they are to what they originally thought of 'tapestry' - Old Master copies and Mermaids! I even reconnected with someone I had seen for at least 25 years which was very special.  Should you and I have ever met do let me know, whether it was at the Mill outside Norwich, here in London or somewhere in the States, I should love to hear from you. Very soon I am taking a small group on a stitching holiday to Italy;  we have been back to the same place 7 times, run by a family who grow all the food and make their own wine.  Nothing could be more perfect than sitting and stitching in such beautiful surroundings.  The 10 day forecast is in the upper 20s (one of the few things beyond my control!) so can't wait. What to take on any trip is always a big question a