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Christmas Traditions

Each family has its own traditions linked to the festive season and even more so the many countries around the World. Australian, New Zealand and South America are enjoying high summer; in the Northern hemisphere it is winter and often dark and icy nights. Some countries celebrate Christmas Eve with a festive dinner and the opening of presents at midnight; others go to their church at midnight and keep the presents and the big meal till Christmas Day itself.   In the UK the preferred meal for a big family is Turkey with roast potatoes and sprouts followed by Christmas pudding with brandy butter or cream. Other countries enjoy oysters (France) or Carp (Germany). Houses are decorated, children make garlands, a Tree is popul   Having been on the East Coast immediately before Christmas it is fun to take a ride around the areas to see the amazing displays erected. ar in many countries and in particular Americans decorate their garden and outside of their house lavishly. Needl