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Combatting Stress

So many of us consider our lives stressful, the demands of family, the pressures of work, the problems of the daily commute; but nothing is new! The three part television series , ‘Armada – 12 days to Save England ‘– I mentioned   on Facebook on Friday showed Queen Elizabeth I waiting for news of the English fleet engaged in combat with the Spanish galleons in the English Channel.   Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen was always urged to marry to safeguard herself;   there was a strong move in the country to re-establish the Catholic Church, without an heir, tormented by nightmares and the strain of keeping up appearances if the Spaniards had landed on English soil her days would definitely have   been numbered. So, in this excellent series she is shown sitting with her ladies waiting for news and stitching the most beautiful piece of embroidery, it looks like cut work to me I heard Anita Dobson who plays Elizabeth I in the series talking on the radio, that it took more than 4 hours