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November Blog

Since writing my last blog in July many things have changed.  I think we all hoped that the contagion rates would continue to fall and hopefully, September or early October would begin to show some normality in our lives . Sadly that was not to be, in fact, it is unlikely to be normal by Christmas or even further away;  other countries are similarly affected and the prospect of a lockdown in a British winter is not good! However, for us who enjoy stitching or indeed any craft making beautiful things, many aspects are positive, we are very lucky.  My plan to keep a record of stitching during lockdown is progressing;  the exhibition to share these pieces will have to be postponed but it is not forgotten - so please continue to send me details and photos of anything you are doing.  I love to hear from you and will add your information to my records. So far the projects you are stitching range from one American friend finishing more than ten pieces plus two fresh cushions for new grandchil