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Christmas is Coming!

The period before Christmas is frenetic, however the excitement of the children, homes all decorated, makes up for the cold weather, terrible traffic and dark evenings. As a result, I am only writing a short blog which hopefully you might have time to read! AS always I manage to stitch a little each day– I think it keeps me sane and anyway, I love every minute. Two of my more zanier designs Two new pieces to show you – first an additional panel for my leather clutch bag – over the years these purses in black leather have been popular as one can stitch panels to match different outfits. The new one cheers up many of my evening outfits and, better still, only took me an evening to complete;   seen here it was worked on 18 mesh black canvas with two shades of metallic. So, if you have one of these bags, may be from way back when I taught panels on American Needlepoint Guild annual events in Scotsdale and somewhere else – so long ago I can’t remember exactly where get them out