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Interim Blog

April is here and on my last blog I promise to post regular articles each month however, unfortunately I have had an accident – broken my ankle rather badly and have no weight bearing on that leg at all for 6 weeks   You can imagine my life is quite restricted but learning to hop around on a frame – not that easy at my age – and being advised to rest as much as possible I am taking their advice. I had planned for the next Blog to be a record of the equipment that I found personally, was useful for my stitching and gave me pleasure.  In fact, I have written the copy but have to wait for a photo session illustrating the items talked about – they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and anyway it is always good to see what one is talking about! So that will follow as soon as I can get around. I have an appointment at the hospital this Thursday when I hope my heavy caste will be replaced with a lighter one and I should know more about future plans. Needless to say, my ev