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Summer 2016

On my return from stitching with the group in Italy I was excited about writing to you all with details of what has proved to be a busy but lovely summer.   However another adventure happened just last week which I thought you might like to hear about! Robert and I took a short break to Bermuda (we have both be travelling in different directions most of the summer so a holiday together was a great idea.   However, unbeknown to us (and it would appear too many others) there was a tropic storm following in the path of Hurricane Matthew which we knew was not going to approach Bermuda. The tropical storm didn’t seem to know which course to take and in the meantime grew in strength. By the time it was directly over Bermuda it had reached Hurricane Force 4.   (There have only been seven Hurricanes of this force since records began in the mid 18 hundreds!) We arrived just two days before it hit; so the beginning of or stay was involved with giving us all clear instructions as to wha