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Working in a Creative Room

Painting by Hugh Barnden ‘It is how you feel about your home rather than the way it looks’ an interesting comment read recently – when I got to think about it, it makes a great deal of sense.    It is the personal things, the items you have collected on holidays or trips to the country or treasures handed down from your family - and of course things like your needlepoint either made by you or your children or friends given as special gifts. Certain colours in rooms give me a thrill, in a previous home we inherited a deep blue bath (having always said there was only one colour for vanity wear – white) it was tempting to replace it but I decided to work with it, so pleased I did, teaming it with Moroccan tiles and this painting. Our present bedroom is shades of soft blue, the reason for many of my needlepoint designs being shades of the same colour.    Calm, peaceful but full of stitching memories that give me pleasure every time I go in.   Besides two of my recent designs, t