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Rudolf Nureyev said that whenever he danced a role it told a story;  I am similar – all my designs have a story behind them. Some from the place where I got the inspiration and others from motifs or colour combinations that caught my eye.
My collection of designs is inspired by the dedication and expertise of the craftsmen and women who originally made them often centuries ago.

Some of my favourites that come to mind are ‘India’ (available on both 14 and 18 mesh canvas);  it was on my very first holiday with my husband in northern India where I saw decorative stone grilles instead of windows to allow cool currents of air through – Robert was much perplexed at my request for a photo but delighted when he saw my needlepoint interpretation.
Another favourite is 'The Tiles of St Mark’s';  again inspired by a lovely trip to Venice, a first for me . The Cathedral’s interior is dazzling with walls and ceilings covered with gold ground mosaics but it was the inlayed marble floor that intrigued me most.  Memories of sitting in a quiet corner and sketching the geometric patterns of the floor tiles that had been there for centuries resulted in one of our most popular designs.

The Tiles of St Mark’s
We have some sad memories too;  the wall tiles in the beautiful St John’s Cathedral in Christchurch in South Island, New Zealand have inspired three designs and it was only later that a devastating earthquake destroyed most of the city and the Cathedral.
During a trip to Syria just before any troubles began, throughout the country, all the places we visited were rich in design  ideas..  I dread to think how many of the sites and buildings remain.  In Aleppo,  I photographed a magnificent ceiling in the Citadel which is the design I am working on at present, reliving the joyous time we spent in the country.  I believe that during the current civil war this complex has been used by the Syrian Army as a military base and, as a result has received significant damage.  
Even to-day there are reports of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra in the north being ‘pulverised’.  Palmyra was constructed centuries before Christ as a stop over for travellers crossing the Syrian Desert and set in an oasis was almost the highlight of our trip..
Finally, as mentioned it is colours that demand my attention, we have just returned from St Lucia and the vibrant colours of the Carnival costumes, the iridescent turquoises, watermelon pinks, the pistachio greens and daffodil yellows are itching to be stitched!
Cathedral Tiles, Charlotte and Tudor


  1. These are beautiful interpretations! Thank you for sharing them with us.


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